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Preservation Books: Creating and publishing print-on-demand books for individuals, families and organizations.

Your history Is Waiting To Be Told

What's Your Story?

Believe it or not, everybody has a story to tell. Including you! And so does your family–whether they're here or not. If you have a business, isn't that a story worth telling, how you started with $25 and an old pick-up towing a backhoe? Whatever your particulars, we can publish it so that years from now, your story still lives (even if you're gone).

Want to hear ours?

We cut our teeth working as editors in the newspaper business and as copywriters, art directors  and creative directors in advertising. And, then we worked in book publishing in management, editing and pagination. Now that we've honed our skills, we're ready to go to work for preserve what REALLY matters!

What's Keeping You?

You've probably thought about publishing your history for a long time. Maybe it seems like a daunting task. But, we can show you how your memoir or family history need not wait any longer. The technology is here. Now. We can share samples with you of others who were thrilled when they held their books in their hands. It's time we talked!

Where Should We Begin?

Got technology?

On-demand printing now makes it possible to publish your book–either paperback or hard cover even in limited quantities–at a an affordable price. We can even help you publish it for resale.

Itching to publish a family history?

A personal or family memoir can come in all shapes and sizes. It can commemorate a special event, detail a life well lived or even tell a generational story. And, we can help every step of the way.

Want to make your story inviting?

Whether you have the Great American novel inside your head or just have a story that needs to be told, let us help you pull your readers in with editing help, pagination and type, even a cover design,

Can't find a publisher? Be one!

For the aspiring author, we can also assist with editing, pagination and designing personal family histories as well as publishing a nonfiction book or the great American novel.

Looking at a niche market?

Books and other specialty publications can also be used to market a product or service, commemorate someone's contribution or inspire members of
a company, group or organization. 

Run out of paper?

So, you are most comfortable in the digital world and want to produce a book and are looking to release it digitally?  We can help you publish your e-book iinstead of – or in addition to a paper one.

Tips & Tricks: News You Can Use

Here's the latest on ways you can write and publish your memoir or family history book:

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